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Getting the best coverage could save you more money than you think.

Property and Liability Insurance for the business you’ve built is essential.

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Proper coverage to fit your needs.

You built your business with blood, sweat and tears, but one accident or lawsuit could destroy everything. That is where insurance comes in. We are well versed in the various needs of different types of businesses, from artists to zookeepers, from roofers to restaurenteurs. Let our trained agents give you the best options for your unique situation.

We have access to a wide range of insurance carriers and a dizzying array of occupational classes and sub-categories. We ask all the right questions to help determine the perfect combination of coverage, carrier and premium.

We understand that each persons needs are unique, so we encourage you to call our office and speak to one of our experienced agents to find the proper coverage at the best possible price.

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Help when you need it most.

Business insurance can seem overwhelming. You may have policies for commercial autos, commercial property, tools and equipment, workers compensation, completed operations and a group health plan, to name a few. Its enough to make you dizzy. Don’t worry, we are here to help. We will review your current policies, discuss your current needs and your plans for the future, then develop a plan to keep you protected without breaking the bank. All this allows you keep your focus where it belongs: On running and growing your business!

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Services we offer.

We offer a wide range of coverage and policy types to suit your unique needs.

Policy types include…
-General Liability
-Commercial Property
-Commercial Auto
-Workers Compensation
-Products and Completed Operations
-Business Income
-Trade Name Restoration
-Employee Theft
-Builders Risk
-Contractors Equipment
-Garage Keepers
-Hangar Keepers
-Many, Many More